Live Tech Specs June 22


Deadguy – guitar / electronics / vox

Stage Setup

1 x Shure SM58 into FX pedal into stage X32Rack

1 x guitar into FX pedal into X32Rack

All electronics into X32Rack

Wired In Ear Monitor mix from X32Rack to Deadguys IEMs

FOH Sends (all from seperate buses on stage X32Rack)

Vocals (processed / FX) – XLR x 1

Guitar 1 (Processed / FX) – XLR x1

Drum Machine / Synths / Samples / electronics submix – (stereo) XLR x2

In this setup everything goes into the stage X32 for effects before being sent to X32 outputs on XLRs. Alternatively Vox and guitar can be split to FOH mixer direct from FX pedals (XLR output for vox, balanced TRS for guitar)

Simplest Setup

For small gigs with basic PA / EMOM type setups:

Vox. Mic into FX pedal into X32Rack. Rack send to FOH, XLR x1

Guitar / Drums / Bass / Electronics all submixed in X32. Rack STEREO send to FOH on either XLR x2 or female stereo TRS socket (standard stereo headphone plug)

Notes (as of June 2022)

Vocal mic and stand supplied by SS.

NO STAGE MONITORS. We have no live drummer and use drum and synths backing tracks. We will have our own In Ear Monitor mix onstage from stage X32R. All our audio goes into our X32 for submixing down to our IEMs. Deadguy uses a high gain vocal distortion effect so we are an ampless, silent stage act to prevent feedback. We can send all audio direct to FOH for your sound wizard to do his thing.

Vox – we use a vocal fx box for all vocals with 2 main fx. 1st half of set chorus effect, 2nd half of set distortion effect.


We have an animated video backdrop. Files can be supplied on usb for playback on in-house projector or we can supply our own.

Onstage (diagram to follow)

A standard mixer stand loaded up with our rack playback system and onstage mix setup.

Setlist (30 minutes)

Out of Control –

Siouxsie Suicide – 150bpm

Breakin The Law – 140bpm

Machines – vocal distortion – 120bpm

Any Questions – vocal distortion –

SSnRnR – vocal distortion – 150bpm

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