DJ Deadguy

Currently part of the resident DJ team at Sexy Sunday & Manic Monday, Whitby Gothic Weekends. If you are interested in having me play your event please contact djdeadguyathotmail dot com.

DJ Deadguy


Head DJ and PROMOTER @

  • SPITFIRE (Scarborough: monthly rock / punk night 2006)
  • NEW BREED (Scarborough: weekly / monthly rock night 2001 – 2006)
  • DEATH WARMED UP (Whitby: monthly / twice monthly alternative night 2000 – 2005)
  • FRANTIC / DEF CON ONE (Scarborough: monthly retro indie / alternative night 2003 – 2004)
  • CORROSION (Scarborough: monthly alternative night, 1999 – 2001 + 2003)


  • SEXY SUNDAY (Whitby: twice yearly goth / alternative night 2010 / 11)
  • TURN OFF YOUR TV (Bridlington: weekly indie night, 2005)
  • RESERVOIR ROCKS (Scarborough: weekly rock night, 1999)


  • The Resolution (Whitby Alt Weekend 2011)
  • Darklands (Goth – York & Whitby)
  • Sexy Sunday / Under The Gun & Manic Monday 2009 (goth / alternative – Whitby Gothic Weekend)
  • Sexy Solstice Festival 2009 (Goth – Whitby)
  • Club XS Rock Night ( Scarborough)
  • Whitby Dracula Society: Lost Souls @ The Resolution
  • The York Dungeon (fetish – York)
  • Immacul8 @ The Fenton (industrial – Leeds)
  • Coliseum @ Le Bateau (fetish – Liverpool)
  • Excentricity @ Club XS (Electronica – Scarborough)
  • Beached Festival after party H2003
  • Scarboro Devils Kitchen (electro – Scarboro)
  • Kazbah (rock – Scarboro)
  • Pukka @ Planet 2000 (hardhouse – Scarboro)
  • Neurotrauma @ The Cask (alternative – Scarboro)
  • Mercury Lounge (goth – Carlisle)
  • Festival Of Youth Arts (Scarboro)
  • Church Of Madness @ The Rising Sun (goth – Reading)
  • Whitby Dracula Society: Vamps & Tramps Festival @ The Metropole (goth – Whitby)
  • Blast Chamber New Years Eve (alternative – Northampton)
  • Dead & Buried @ The Racehorse (goth/indust – Northampton)

I first started DJing at parties in 1997 whilst at university and have been a regular DJ / club promoter since 1999 when I was forced into action by a complete lack of decent nights out in my home town. I started the night which became CORROSION in 1999 at The Cask. We then moved to The Northway before finding our long term home at The Jolly Roger. The DJs were Deadguy, Larva, GaryBaldi, Richard and The Edger.

DEATHWARMEDUP was the Whitby version of Corrosion and started at the Resolution in 2000 and after the first couple of years moved to The Rifle Club up until 2005. The DJs were Deadguy, Larva & Gary Baldi.

I started NEW BREED at The Mariners in 2001 to try and filter out the metal crowd who had started coming down to Corrosion. Ultimately New Breed became a much more successful night but was never as much fun to put on as Corrosion or DWU. Between 2001 and 2006 New Breed also ran at Planet 2000, Kazbah, Vivaz and The Pickwick. There were also a couple of guest DJs in the early days: Larva & Memnoch.

SPITFIRE was my long awaited live band night which ran at The Pickwick in 2006, I had also been involved in putting gigs on at Whitby Rifle Club as part of RAMS. In 2007 due to other commitments I stopped promoting my own events. I am always interested in guest slots so please get in touch if you fancy having me play at your event. djdeadguy at hotmail dot com



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